Digimon Reboot Makes a Hard Turn with a Nuclear Shocker

Digimon Adventure is back, but it is presenting itself in a way we've never seen before. Thanks to Toei Animation, the old-school series has rebooted itself with a modern twist. While Taichi and all his friends are back in action, the start of Digimon Adventure a la 2020 has been a wild one. And to raise the stakes, it seems Taichi and Ishida are fighting against a clock ticking down to nuclear war.

And yes, I do mean nuclear war in the real world. The Digital World may be under attack by viruses, but Taichi has to get things under control before a nuclear missile lands in Japan.

This reveal came out in the second episode of the Digimon Adventure reboot. The series did not go slow upon its debut with Taichi meeting Agumon and Greymon all in one go. Episode two continued the streak by bringing Ishida into the equation with Garurumon, but things got out of hand when nuclear war was threatened.

digimon adventure nuclear war

It all began when a group of virus began to attack an unnamed U.S. military installation. Taichi and Ishida ran to intervene, but they learned they were too late when Izzy informed them that a hijacked submarine launched a nuclear missile without permission. The moment some a sobering one for Taichi as he could only stare at his new friend in horror... but then things got worst.

By the end of episode two, fans learn the missile is headed for Tokyo, Japan. The announcement lingers with fans as it mirrors a real-life horror which took place in World War II. There is no way to overemphasize the damage Hiroshima and Nagasaki underwent when it was hit by nuclear bombs; Now, DDigimon Adventure has put Tokyo in the line of fire, and it falls to two middle-schoolers to save the city from annihilation.


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