Viral Digimon Post Highlights Series Biggest Win Over Pokemon

Digimon and Pokemon have been rivals for as long as fans can remember. The two series are different in so many ways, but their focus on monsters has forced them to fight one another often. Over the decades, it seems fans have come to champion Pokemon thanks to its popularity, but the Digimon fandom is thriving nowadays despite the slight. And thanks to one fan, netizens are finally recognizing one of the victories Digimon has over Pokemon.

The whole post comes courtesy of Twitter user starpopfever. The account shared two images of digital monsters, and they lifted up Gatomon for their impressive evolution.

For those who do not know, both Digimon and Pokemon allow its monsters to evolve. Most creatures have the ability to level up with evolutions, but there are those who stay stationary. However, in the world of Pokemon, any evolution taken is a permanent one... but the same cannot be said for Digimon.

"I think the smartest thing about Digimon is that they evolve but unlike Pokemon they can go back to smaller cuter forms after fighting. Sometimes you're a 20 foot tall woman but other times you're a 1 foot tall cat," the Twitter user shared.

Of course, the post caught plenty of attention as fans began debating the note. After all, it is pretty nice that Gatomon can go in-between their Angewoman form, but that is not always the case. In fact, that evolution is permanent most of the time and only given a pass when a Digivice is involved. Still, there is more flexibility involved there than Pokemon gives, so Digimon fans are counting this debate as a win already.


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