Dr. Stone Debuts Hilarious Snickers Commercial

Dr. Stone became a hit with audiences immediately upon its debut, and the series has continued to wow fans since. They are waiting patiently these days for a second season, but it turns out Senkū has other plans in mind right now. He is far less worried about the petrification of mankind these days thanks to a certain sweet commercial of his.

Earlier this month, fans were alerted to the most recent brand deal secured by Dr. Stone. It was there fans learned the anime has teamed up with Snickers for a series of promos. Well, the first ad just went live, and it is definitely more entertainment than fans expected.

You can check out the clip below as fans watch Senkū get his Snickers on. The boy is seen walking through the woods easily enough before he runs into a man turned to stone. The older gentleman was petrified with his mouth just wide enough to gobble down a Snickers, so Senkū shares the treat with the statue.

Sure enough, the candy bar brings the man back to normal as his rocky exterior is broken down. It turns out Senkū has found a different way to revive humanity without nitric acid, and all it took was a Snickers bar to unlock the truth.


Clearly, this commercial is a whacky one, but it has plenty of heart. Senkū is far from the only anime hero to lead an ad like this, and he will not be the last. From Goku to Luffy and Sailor Moon, it is a rite of passage for a popular anime lead to head up a commercial. There is no humility when it comes to brand deals in anime, and Senkū was smart enough to grab a partnership while he could.

What do you think about this wacky Dr. Stone ad? Which other anime series need to get in on Snickers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB!