Dr. Stone Debuts Official Snickers Collab

Dr. Stone is set to further explore the machinations of its "Stone World" at the start of next year, 2021, as its anime unleashes its second season onto the world, and it seems as if Senku is partnering with Mars Incorporated to give us a unique collaboration between the anime franchise and popular candy bar of Snickers! Though candy is few and far between in the Stone World of the series, as most of humanity is frozen in stone for thousands of years, it's no surprise to see the popularity of the franchise warranting merchandise partnerships!

In the first season of Dr. Stone, which arrived in 2019, we were introduced to a world that had its inhabitants locked away in stone "prisons" that kept them captive for thousands of years. Following the protagonist of Senku and his hard headed friend Taiju, the initial offering of the anime set up a number of conflicts for the pair of young best friends to overcome in trying to return humanity to its former glory. With the season ending as Senku discovers a village of survivors that have apparently found their way out of their stone enclosures, the second season has taken the title of "Stone Wars", with a "civil war" brewing between the survivors.

Twitter User Aitai Ki Mochi shared the first glimpse at the collaboration between Dr. Stone and Snickers, with few other details about how this partnership between the popular anime franchise and the candy bar with manifest in the near future of the series:

In January of next year, 2021, the second season will arrive for fans to once again follow the events of this Stone World, with the manga continuing to tell the life or death battle between Senku and the antagonist of Shishio, who is looking to create a world that no longer has any adults to speak of. Dr. Stone creates the perfect war between brains and brawn and "Stone Wars" is one of the most highly anticipated seasons in the world of anime.

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