Viral Dragon Ball Clip Has Fans Remembering Just How Good AMVs Can Be

The Internet was a pretty big deal for anime in the West as not only were tons of new series suddenly in the spotlight thanks to numerous discussions online, but new and unique ways to honor fan favorite series and moments were birthed in the early days of streaming online. Through YouTube and other web players in the 2000s, one of the major ways fans loved to pay tribute to their favorite scenes was through the Anime Music Video, or AMV. These special videos featured various scenes edited together with some music, and the basic explanation might seem simple but these were so integral to the anime culture in those early days.

Anime might be available in large, high quality, and legal quantities now, but back then the only way to enjoy seeing Goku and Vegeta fight in Dragon Ball Z was through these special music videos. There was a particular art about it that does continue to this day, but is often not as highlighted as it used to be simply because AMVs just are not as needed anymore. So seeing a blast from the past from @AerospaceCowboy on Twitter certainly got fans going down memory lane.

With a viral clip from a Dragon Ball Z AMV featuring some killer fight scenes set to the music of Linkin Park (one of the many AMV classic bands), fans are now reminiscing not only some of the best ones they had seen back in the day but are also starting to discuss just how important these were to anime's growth in popularity in the early 2000s. You can see the viral clip in question below!

AMVs are nowhere near completely gone, but they have gone through a shift in recent years. As video editing technology has gotten better, so have the edits. This has crossed over into live-action superhero works too, so it's almost as if the AMV spirit continues to thrive on Twitter! But what do you think?

Are you one of the many classic Dragon Ball Z fans that watched a bunch of AMVs back in the day? What about for other series like Naruto or One Piece? What were some of your favorite songs you liked to see fights set to? Did you make any AMVs of your own? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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