Dragon Ball: Viral Thread Explains How Goku Could Lose to a Rattata

Dragon Ball is one of those series fans love to speculate about, and it seems new dream matches are created each hour for its heroes. When it comes to Goku, the Saiyan has been pitted against all sorts of fighters in his lifetime, but one fan just singled out one of the most unusual challengers for Goku. And as it turns out, the challenger is none other than a low-tier Pokemon.

Over on Twitter, a user known as hulkgamerxx set up the ultimate thread when they broke down how Goku would do in a fight with Rattata. As it turns out, the hilariously weak Pokemon has a shot of beating Goku, but it will take a few prerequisites to make the match work.

As you can see above, the thread may be considered a troll's delight by some, but it makes some solid points. Rattata has a chance of winning so long as three conditions are met, and of course, we cannot be playing by Dragon Ball logic.

"First let’s look at the two moves Rattata would need in order to beat Goku being Endeavor and quick attack," the thread reads. "Endeavor is a Pokémon move that Rattata can learn. Endeavor causes the target's HP to equal the user's current HP meaning as long as Rattata can live one of Goku's attacks he can equalize their health."


According to the thread, the whole battle would start with Rattata after the monster was given Focus Sash. This item will ensure the monster lives with 1 HP after any critical hit. This means Goku would land the first hit and survive with at least a bit of HP. Knowing this would happen, Rattata would plan to use Endeavor to equalize his health with Goku before using a quick attack to finish the Saiyan off. Obviously, this kind of battle all comes down to strategy, but Rattata could make it work. And if Goku went down like this, Vegeta would never let him forget it.

What do you think of this Dragon Ball match-up? Are there any Pocket Monsters that you think could challenge Goku...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.