Is Dragon Ball Super Setting the Stage for Broly's Return?

Is Dragon Ball Super setting the stage for Broly's return? While the big Saiyan bruiser has effectively been put on the sidelines after his canonized reboot in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but the current arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga seems to be dropping a lot of breadcrumbs that could easily lead to Broly. The latest manga arc is "Granolah The Survivor" and has quickly expanded the Dragon Ball lore in a big way. There are more Dragon Balls out there, and several new factions are now gunning for Freeza, and the Saiyans. Since Broly's history is now deeply connected to both those things, he seems like a necessary addition to the story.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga SPOILERS Follow!

The main thrust of the story in "Granolah The Survivor" sees a bounty hunter named Granolah introduced to the Dragon Ball Universe. Granolah comes from Planet Cereal, whose residents were wiped out on Freeza's orders, using the Saiyan Great Apes as his executioners. Granolah had thought that Freeza was dead, the The Saiyans all extinct - until he learns that Freeza is indeed alive and well.

Granolah uses the Dragon Balls of Planet Cereal to achieve a significant wish: to become the strongest warrior in the universe - strong enough to defeat Freeza. However, Granolah's criminal associates The Heeters have a different plan: killing Freeza upsets the underworld balance, but using Saiyans to kill Granolah works out just fine.

Dragon Ball Super Graonalh Arc Broly Return Theory

Granolah is now on a collision-course with Goku and Vegeta, but if Granoloah's wish holds true, they may not be enough. Granolah's wish to be the most powerful is, ostensibly, a provisional one: it only applies to the moment when the wish was made. Goku and Vegeta are both working on increasing their respective Ultra Instinct and Destroyer powers - but that seems unlikely to occur before the events of Granolah's arc (and Freeza's return) interrupt.


However, Broly is (at his core) an unlimited power-building force of nature, who can exponentially increase his power without limit. Whatever advantage Granolah may have because of his wish - it wouldn't last very long once he started fighting Broly. Even better: If Granolah and Broly ever managed to set aside differences, they may just discover that they have a common enemy in Freeza. It would be comical to see the evil overlord have to take on that fight.

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