Cute Dragon Ball Cosplay Brings Bunny Bulma to Life

Dragon Ball has a good share of cosplayers out there, and they are always looking to outdo one another. Whether you are bringing Chi-Chi to life or Shenron, there are others out there doing the same look as you are. But over on Instagram, one fan is setting themselves apart from the rest with their spot-on cosplay of Bunny Bulma.

The work comes from KendelB Cosplay. The fan, who can be found on Instagram here, has become a popular figure in the anime community. Their cosplays range all over the spectrum, but their recent look at Bulma would make Vegeta's heart flutter.

The look can be found below, and it is a spot-on ringer of Bunny Bulma from Dragon Ball. A pair of semi-sheer blue tights can be found in this cosplay layered underneath a simple black bodysuit. The slimming piece is paired with a standalone collar and a red bow that match the cuffs found on the fan's wrist.

To finish things off, the Dragon Ball cosplay includes a styled aqua-blue wig that looks exactly the same shade as the one Bulma rocked. When this is added with satin bunny ears, it is hard to tell this look from the anime, so we know KendelB would impress even Bulma with this cosplay.


This sweet cosplay isn't overly flashy while keeping the fan-service nature of the original Dragon Ball costume. Bulma's bunny suit will go down in cosplay history thanks to all of the outfits inspired by the one-off scene. And in the face of cosplay like this, it is hard to deny the costume's well-earned legacy.

What do you make of this cute Dragon Ball cosplay? You can check out more of KendelB Cosplay here!

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