Dragon Ball Shows Off Vegeta's Most Badass Scene Yet

Vegeta has been the talk of the town since revealing his new ability of Spirit Fission in the [...]

Vegeta has been the talk of the town since revealing his new ability of Spirit Fission in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, with the Prince of the Saiyan even trending on social media as a result, but besides this new technique that he learned on the Planet Yardrat, we also get one of the most badass moments of the Saiyan's life! Having seemingly finally surpassed Goku for the first time, Vegeta was able to dismantle Moro with his new technique, at least for a little while, showing off just how tough the anti-hero still is to this day.

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 61, you may want to avoid the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some deep spoiler territory!

With Vegeta having learned the technique of Instant Transmission on Yardrat in a matter of minutes, the prince of the Saiyans is able to teleport to Earth just in time to save Goku from being destroyed further by Moro, who managed to over take the protagonist even with his level of mastery of Ultra Instinct. As Vegeta shows off his new attack in Spirit Fission, which allows the warrior to "undo" fusions and energy absorbing techniques, he begins dismantling the sorcerer with blow after blow. As the two talk in between blows, Vegeta demonstrates just how his personality is still as "bad ass" as the power he holds inside of himself.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Bad Ass
(Photo: Viz Media)

Unfortunately for Vegeta, his moment in the sun is short lived as Moro plays his trump card, quite literally eating his artificial henchman, OG73-1, to gain not only his original power, but also the abilities of the android itself that would give him the power to absorb several techniques from his opponents.

Vegeta's "badass moment" is also a tragic one, where the prince of the Saiyans still recognizes the sins that he committed in the past, and sees himself as unable to escape his ultimate fate of arriving in hell within the afterlife. Though we aren't sure if this will actually be the case, it goes a long way to show just how much the prince of the Saiyans has changed since his initial appearance in Dragon Ball Z!

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