Dragon Ball Cosplay Gives The Saiyan Prince Vegeta A Fem Makeover

The Prince of all Saiyans has changed by leaps and bounds over the course of the Dragon Ball franchise, going from a world-destroying tyrant to an Earth-bound Z-Fighter most interested in defeating Son Goku in a fight. With Vegeta currently learning such transformations as Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Ego, he has grown exponentially in power, but some clever cosplay takes us back to the look he sported from his earliest appearances in Dragon Ball Z, seeking the Dragon Balls in order to gain immortality while having no problem in eliminating anyone that got in his way.

When Dragon Ball Z began, Vegeta was looking to overthrow Frieza and take control of his vast network, though he would eventually cool out and start a family with the long-time character, and head of the Capsule Corporation, Bulma. During the Majin Buu Saga, Vegeta would return to his villainous ways as "Majin Vegeta" but would eventually come to a truce with Goku after realizing that the star of the series had pulled ahead of him in overall power. Throughout Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta has retained his proud demeanor and hot temper but has definitely not turned to his villainous side during the many storylines.

Instagram Cosplay Tiffany Gordon shared this impressive take on the Saiyan Prince, sporting the traditional Saiyan armor that Vegeta first appeared in, with the years seeing the former villain take on numerous different aesthetic changes as he went from a homicidal maniac to one of Earth's strongest protectors:

In the next movie for Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta is off-world training with Goku and the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly and while he might not be receiving a new transformation like Gohan and Piccolo, expect a major development for the Saiyan Prince despite the fact that he won't be fighting against the Red Ribbon Army. In the pages of the manga, Vegeta is still learning to harness the power of Ultra Ego, unable to ultimately defeat Gas, the strongest member of the Heeters. 

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