Dragon Ball: Demon Breaker Hopes to Reinvent Saiyan Combat

Dragon Ball is no stranger to the world of video games, with the Akira Toriyama franchise having had entries on different consoles since the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and a team of fans has decided to create an entry of their own with the upcoming Dragon Ball Demon Breaker. Showing off footage of Future Trunks battling against a variety of threats, it seems as if Demon Breaker will be taking a page from the characters of the "Xeno-Verse" which saw this alternate take on Trunks joining the ranks of the Time Patrol to battle threats across the multiverse.

The latest two entries into the Dragon Ball franchise when it comes to video games have perhaps been two of the biggest to ever arrive for fans of the long-running Shonen franchise in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Though these games definitely have different styles with the former acting more as a role-playing game that took players through the events of the Dragon Ball Z series, the latter was a straight fighting game that continues to receive updates via new fighters and mechanic upgrades to the system that saw a new story being told with classic villains and new characters introduced to the lore.

The creators of Dragon Ball Demon Breaker, Saiya-Slash and Atlas Studios, have been no strangers about providing fans following their game with plenty of updates, using their Official Twitter Account to share various pieces of footage as well as information about the production of the game itself:

Currently, Dragon Ball Super's anime is still on hiatus, with the last project arriving in the form of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and though fans are still waiting for any news about the series produced by Toei Animation, the manga has continued marching forward following the conclusion of the Moro Arc. With the Granolah The Survivor Arc focusing on a new intergalactic bounty hunter that has a history with the Saiyan race, it's clear that Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Fighters won't be able to rest on their laurels for the foreseeable future.


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