Explore Dungeons & Dragons with This Impressive Dragon Ball Campaign

Dragon Ball has a unique story behind it and a cast of heroes who have earned fans around the globe. Goku has become an icon the world over, and the same can be said for others like Vegeta and Piccolo. Of course, this means the franchise has invaded a number of pop culture tentpoles, and one group has brought Dragon Ball to Dungeons & Dragons in the best sort of way.

If you head over to Reddit, you will find a special community known as DragonBallDnD. The group was founded earlier this year and has since completed what is one of the most impressive home-brew campaigns out there. The Dragon Ball-inspired campaign will allow fans to take on new character classes befitting of Universe 7, and they can go on a grand adventure from there.

You can check out all the links you need to start your own campaign here. From its custom races and items to boss battles, there is more than enough in this quest to keep players busy. Any dungeon master will be happy to check out this organized list of conflicts, and it still gives groups room to customize their quests to their taste.

dragon ball dnd

For those wanting a taste of the campaign, you can check out the subclasses categories. The hot links will introduce you to some preexisting classes in Dungeons & Dragons such as clerics. However, they have been given a balanced makeover to suit Dragon Ball. For instance, the fighter subclass as been altered to martial artists, and high-level players can even use ki. To make things better, there are ki blasts and power shifting options which will make any Saiyan happy.

What do you think about this custom campaign? Is it time you and your friends brought Goku into Dungeons & Dragons? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.