Dragon Ball Fan Turns the Namek Saga Into a Two-Hour Movie

When it comes to Dragon Ball, fans are ready to defend the series as a second's notice. The need to do so is few and far between given how popular Goku is, but there are some parts of the show fans take issue with. One of those blips comes with the exaggerated pacing of Dragon Ball Z, and that is why one fan decided to condense a major part of the anime into a two-hour film.

Over on Reddit, the user Bullza got fans buzzing when they posted their take on Dragon Ball Z. The fan decided to condense the Namek and Ginyu Squad sagas into a movie that is easily digestible. The supercut clocks in at about two hours and ten minutes. And if you are wanting to revisit the arc, this is the quickest way you can do so.

You can check out the film here in all of its dubbed glory. As Bullza says, they have made several other supercuts such as this. They are meant to give fans an easier access point to Dragon Ball Z as the show's pacing and love of cutaways made a lot of episodes drag. These cuts get to the point, and they are more streamlined than Dragon Ball Z Kai at points.

dragon ball namek
(Photo: Toei Animation)

As you can imagine, this film has been a hit with fans, but its unofficial status sits uneasily with some. The idea is exactly what audiences want, and they are hopeful Toei Animation might sanction official projects like this. Watching an entire saga on TV versus a movie is very different, of course. But for fans on a deadline, these abridged films are pretty much perfect. So if Dragon Ball Z can truncate its sagas on film then Dragon Ball Z can too!

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