Dragon Ball Fan Art Pits Goku And Vegeta Against 2020

With plenty of Shonen creators taking the opportunity to share unique pieces of art to celebrate the end of 2020 and the arrival of 2021, fan artists are also jumping on the bandwagon with one in particular setting the Saiyan warriors of Dragon Ball Super against the physical embodiment of last year! Goku and Vegeta's fights next year will be taking place in both Dragon Ball Super's manga and the spin-off anime series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, with fans waiting anxiously to hear whether or not the main series will be returning to the small screen to adapt the Moro Arc!

Goku and Vegeta might no longer be enemies, with the latter having long since given up his days of villainy while starting a family on the Planet Earth, but that hasn't stopped their rivalry from pushing one another to new levels of power. The Moro Arc has allowed Vegeta to learn some insane new techniques while training on the Planet Yardrat, with the most important being the Forced Spirit Fission move. Now having the ability to essentially undo fusions and energy-absorbing techniques, the Prince of the Saiyans may not quite be at the same level of power as Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, but he definitely has hit new heights thanks to the fight against Moro.

Instagram Artist Chry_Ins_Art shared this hilarious webcomic that imagines both Goku and Vegeta teaming up in their Super Saiyan Blue forms to battle against the physical embodiment of 2020, putting an end to the year of 2020 that definitely won't be winning any awards for "best year ever":

2021 will introduce Dragon Ball fans to the first chapter of the "Granola the Survivor Arc", a new saga that will spin out of the events of the Moro Arc within the pages of Akira Toriyama's manga. With the previous chapter revealing that Moro's henchman and artificial brawler, OG-73i, is still among the land of the living, we're interested to learn more about the character of Granola and how he will play into the world of the Z Fighters in the future.


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