Dragon Ball Super Hypes the New Year with Anime Tease

Dragon Ball Super has been busy this last year thanks to its manga and its newly ended Moro arc. The series has continued roping in fans thanks to its latest story, and another is on its way in the manga. When it comes to the anime, the story is very different as there are no projects in the works right now, so fans are eyeing a recent statement from the anime's team very closely right now.

Over in Japan, the new year has come, and the big moment marked a slew of statements from franchises overseas. It was there Dragon Ball Super made a post on its official anime page where it wrote the following:

"Kiyoshi Hikawa, thank you for breaking your limits and singing "Limit x Survivor" at the Kohaku Uta Gassen," the page wrote. "The costume change scene was so cool."

The post finished with an intriguing note that fans are debating. The last sentence reads, "Everyone, we wish you the best in 2021 and to the Dragon Ball anime as well!" This lone statement has made fans question whether an anime project is in the works for 2021... but do not get your hopes up.

If you would remember, no major announcements were made for Dragon Ball Super at Jump Festa. It was said the show will begin a re-run on Japanese TV in the new year, so this clever tease is surely referring to the re-runs. Dragon Ball just likes to mess with fans, and this playful tease knows exactly what it is doing.


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