Dragon Ball Super Artist Reflects on Moro Arc in New Interview

Dragon Ball Super ended 2020 by bringing to a close the Z Fighters' battle against the energy-absorbing wizard known as Moro, with the new year bringing in a new arc in "Granola The Survivor", and one artist for the manga has taken the opportunity to chat about his time working on the latest saga. Though Moro might have been defeated by Goku and his friends in the end, it seems as if the legacy left by the sorcerer and his henchmen will stretch into the universe created by Akira Toriyama with the next big storyline!

The artist Toyotaro has been having an influential part of the Dragon Ball series with the start of Super, first beginning his career by lending his talents to the spin-off series of Dragon Ball Heroes. Having done countless pieces of fan art before being made official as a Dragon Ball artist, he has certainly earned his way into providing the stories for the Z Fighters in the pages of the Shonen series. With the Moro Arc being the longest Dragon Ball Super arc to date, Toyotaro has definitely done justice to Akira Toriyama's franchise and this interview reflects his dedication to the series.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Toyotaro recently had an interview wherein he broke down one of the main differences between the Tournament of Power and the Moro Arcs, detailing how much hard work he put into bringing the latest adventures of the Z Fighters to life as they struggled against this new antagonist:

“Unlike the Tournament of Power Arc, no one knew what was going on so it was very intimidating, but at the same time it was a lot of fun to draw! There's been many trial & error while I was drawing this but I think this was the best story I could express.”

Dragon Ball fans were disappointed during this year's Jump Festa when the anime wasn't confirmed to return, with the series having ended following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc. Following the Moro Arc's conclusion, there is plenty of material to be translated into the anime's return, with the series even being able to re-tell the story of the movie of Dragon Ball Super: Broly as well!


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