Dragon Ball Z Unleashes Exclusive Kid Buu Funko Pop

Dragon Ball knows a thing or three about Funko. The franchise has put out its fair share of figures in the past, and it has even more on the horizon. It wasn't long ago fans were informed a new wave was coming for Dragon Ball, and one of the Funkos will be a must-have for majin fans.

Galactic Toys announced its latest exclusive with Dragon Ball the other day, and it has lots to do with Kid Buu. The gnarly majin villain is getting a special Funko of his launching his own Kamehameha Wave, and a variant of the figure is out there.

According to the product page, the Dragon Ball figure will go live in December with one out of every six sold being a variant. These 'chase' items will simply be glow-in-the-dark, but if you are a fan of that aesthetic, then it might be worth buying a bundle of these figures with your buddies.

Fans seem to be pleased with this reveal though they do wish Dragon Ball would invest in other Funkos for Buu. The character doesn't have many types of figures. In fact, Super Buu has yet to get a good figure, so fans have been crossing their fingers for help from Funko. But as it turns out, this new wave will not be lending out a helping hand.


If you want more details on the new Dragon Ball wave as a whole, you can check out our coverage here. Pre-orders are currently up for this exclusive Kid Buu figure that is currently retailing for $14.95 USD.

What do you make of this upcoming Funko? Will you be adding it to your Pop collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.