How Dragon Ball GT Changed the Anime's Fights for the Better

Dragon Ball fans like to give the franchise grief from time to time, and it is deserved in most cases. Shows like Dragon Ball GT have been raked over the coals since their debut, but opinion has started to turn where the series is concerned. Sure, the follow-up to Dragon Ball Z may not live up to expectations, but it did make some smart changes. And thanks to one fan, netizens are giving credit where it is due to the show's fight scenes.

Over on Twitter, the user Lady_Zeon made a popular post regarding one of the show's best tweaks. They addressed the way Dragon Ball GT staged fights with its characters, and they praised the way street clothes were used in the series.

"Something I really love about GT is characters fighting in their street clothes," the fan shared. "I wish modern Dragon Ball did this, I get so tired of everyone being decked out in the same boring gi or battle armor."

As you can imagine, this tweet took off amongst fans as they were quick to chime in. However, there were few insults to be found. It turns out fans were mostly hyped about how Dragon Ball GT used street clothes, and many wish the choice would be included in more current series. In fact, fans admit they'd like Vegeta to fight in street clothes permanently, and you cannot blame them for asking. After all, there is something about the Saiyan throwing aa punch in a leather vest that feels oh so right.


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