Dragon Ball Heroes Shares New Arc's Premiere Date

Dragon Ball has been busy rounding out its latest Big Bang Mission, and it seems the franchise is ready to welcome its next venture. After all, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is nearing the final of its fourth mission, so fans have been waiting for an update on what comes next. As it turns out, Big Bang Mission 5 is what will come next, and fans know when the new series will begin at last.

The next piece of the PR anime will begin in less than a month according to reports. Dragon Ball Heroes confirmed it will debut Big Big Mission 5 starting on November 26, 2020. A whole new story will come from the debut, so fans are eager to see what goes down in this arc.

Currently, there is little information on what might happen, but fans know Goku and Vegeta will take part as usual. Beyond that, well - it is anyone's guess. The show has no canon to stick on to save for its arcade game titles. At this time, Big Bang Mission 5 doesn't have much of a manga to go off, so fans should expect the unexpected from this venture.

Of course, we do have our own guesses about the new Dragon Ball Heroes arc. Fans are certain Fu will make a comeback in this mission given the cliffhanger found in Big Bang Mission 4. The story revealed Fu's connection to Towa and his growing power. The villain is still determined to create his own universe, and given his burgeoning status as the new Dark King, Fu might just make his dream a reality.

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