Dragon Ball Super Advert Teases the End of the Moro Arc

Dragon Ball Super has been busy with its manga for well over a year, and the series isn't faltering a step with the series. The manga has kept fans going in the wake of the anime's closure a few years back, and it surprised fans with an all-new arc awhile back. That is how fans were introduced to Moro, but it seems the baddie's arc will end before too long now.

The tease came in the most recent issue of V-Jump as it debuted Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter. It was there fans were teased about chapter 66 with the tagline, "Goku vs Planet-eater Moro! Climax battle!"

Dragon Ball Super Moro Arc
(Photo: Toei)

The advert, which was spotted by Twitter user DbsHype, suggests there are just a few chapters left of the manga. It seems chapter 66 might contain the final clash between Goku and Moro before chapter 67 wraps up the whole ordeal.

This is an interesting timeframe given the cliffhanger fans got with chapter 65. The update left readers frustrated with Goku as the Saiyan made a horrible goof. In fact, Goku actively chose to heal Moro rather than defeat him, and this gave the villain the chance to absorb some of Merus' latent angel energy. This slip has since put all of Earth and Universe 7 in danger, so something must happen in chapter 66 to level the playing field.


As for what comes next, Dragon Ball Super has a lot of options before it. A recent interview with the manga's editor confirmed a new arc will follow this Moro story. It seems likely the arc will be announced at Jump Festa this December, but there is no telling what is coming next for our Saiyan heroes. And more importantly, there is no telling if Moro makes it out of this current arc alive.

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