Dragon Ball Sets Up Broly's Return in New Arc

Dragon Ball has danced with Broly for years now, and the character has had a renaissance in the last decade. The character's static role in Dragon Ball Z has been expanded in a huge way thanks to his big-screen stint with Dragon Ball Super. Nowadays, the Saiyan is enjoying his canon status, and he has enjoyed a comeback in Dragon Ball Heroes that is poised to lead on into a new arc.

If you did not know, the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Heroes has gone live, and it was a big one. The release bid farewell to the PR anime's latest arc while ushering in the next with a universe's birth. It seems the show is about to explore a parallel universe to the one Goku hails from, and it will welcome Broly at some point.

The whole lead-in began when Dragon Ball Heroes ended its battle with Broly. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito ended up taking one for the team by getting in close to Broly as he went berserk. However, the fusion fighter planned the move perfectly. Vegito was able to nab Broly just in time to push them into a brand-new universe.

dragon ball super
(Photo: Bandai)

It turns out Broly has joined this new universe that Fu helped bring about, so there is no telling when he will be up to in this world. We can pretty much expect the Saiyan to be as surly as ever, so Broly will surely exchange blows with Goku once more. Of course, it might take a while before that happens. Goku and Vegeta are pretty dumbstruck by this new universe they've been roped into, so we can only assume Broly is similarly thrown off. But if we know anything about the legendary Saiyan, he won't stay down for long.

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