Dragon Ball Heroes Producer Wants the Anime to Go On for Decades

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is an odd duck in the world of anime, running concurrently with the manga of Dragon Ball Super and filling the gap of where the main anime series would be had it not gone on hiatus following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc. Bringing in elements such as the Time Patrol, Super Saiyan 4, the OG Broly, and countless other aspects that didn't make their way into the current storyline of the main series, the producer of Heroes, Norihiro Hayashida, revealed that he would love to see the spin-off anime series continue for years to come.

In a recent message, the producer expressed not only his desire to see Heroes march far into the future, for at least another fifteen to twenty years but also diving into the next movie of the Shonen franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero:

"We at Toei Animation have been working with Shueisha and Bandai to produce the promo anime, and I am very happy to see that the number of viewers has recently increased. Hopefully, the anime will lead to a further increase in the number of Super Dragon Ball Heroes users, so it continues for another 15-20 years.

Now, as you all know, the much anticipated new movie "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero" will be released in 2022. This movie will feature new production techniques and will be full of spectacular visuals so please look forward to it!'

Dragon Ball Heroes first began as an arcade game, allowing players to collect cards of various characters, old and new, from the Dragon Ball Universe. First beginning in 2010, the game also spawned a manga series that told a new story for the Z Fighters before Dragon Ball Super had hit the scene. 

Recently, Super Dragon Ball Heroes brought the war against Goku Black to a close, and has pitted the Z Fighters of both the main universe and the Time Patrol against the new form of the villainous scientist known as Fuu. Considering how many old villains and new obstacles the series has to pull from, continuing for another decade or two doesn't seem that far fetched.

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Via DBS Chronicles