Dragon Ball Low Cost Cosplay Brings The Fusion Failure of Veku To Life

Though Gogeta might be one of the most powerful creatures roaming the Earth in the Dragon Ball franchise, spawned from the fusion dance undertaken by Goku and Vegeta, there is a potential down side to this dance as it can create the larger than life Veku, who is brought to life perfectly using some low cost cosplay! Veku, much like his stronger counterpart in Gogeta, was recently added to the main continuity of Dragon Ball Super during the Broly movie, making his first appearance following a failed fusion dance attempt performed by Goku and Vegeta.

Veku made his first appearance in the twelfth feature length film of Dragon Ball Z, as Goku and Vegeta attempted to use the fusion dance against the underworld threat in Janemba. Of course, since they both hadn't performed the fusion dance with one another before, the Saiyans bungled the move and created the failure in Veku. Veku is a very overweight version of Gogeta, who doesn't have anywhere near the power level of the successful attempt. While Veku hasn't appeared as anything but a joke character, it would be interesting to see how he stacks up against other characters in the Z Fighters stable if push came to shove.

Instagram Cosplayer LowCostCosplayTh shared this insanely impressive recreation of Veku, using croissants to create the fusion character's legendary vest and a hilarious combination of cloth and paint to bring the combination of the two strongest Saiyans to life:

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A long fought debate in the world of Dragon Ball is which form of fusion is ultimately stronger: the fusion dance character in Gogeta or the potarra earring creation in Vegito. With Gogeta doing well in his battle against Broly, managing to defeat the legendary Super Saiyan, it will be interesting to see when Vegito emerges once again as he has yet to be brought back to life during the Moro Arc.

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