Dragon Ball Super Clarifies Why Vegito or Gogeta Cannot Beat Moro

Dragon Ball fans are used to Vegito or Gogeta saving the day. Knowing all of the baddies the pair have faced, fans are accustomed to Goku asking his rival for a helping hand. From Goku Black to Janemba, villains in the Dragon Ball Universe know they should fear fusions, but Moro has no reason to worry now. After all, a new update informed fans the baddie cannot be beaten by Vegito or Gogeta.

The ordeal began when a new chapter of Dragon Ball Super was released. Chapter 62 put the Z-Fighters in a bad place as Moro toyed with them in a truly gory way. After taking out Vegeta temporarily, the man came swinging back, and Moro was able to absorb the Saiyan before landing a final knockdown blow. By grabbing Vegeta, Moro was able to copy his powers, and Piccolo was the first to figure out the ramifications of that.

"This is worse than we realized," the Namekian shared. "If he's got Vegeta's abilities, that means he can use Forced Spirit Fisson. You guys always had the fusion dance, the potato earrings, and other means of combining as last resorts, but those would be rendered useless now!"

dragon ball moro fusion

As you can guess, such a thought hadn't struck Goku yet, so he was taken aback. Piccolo was spot-on when he said the Saiyans have been able to rely on fusions to save the day. This was shown as recently as Dragon Ball Super: Broly as the film prompted the pair to fuse into Gogeta. The heroes alone could not do Broly in, but their combined strength could after the fusion dance multiplied it.


Now, that option has been discarded since Moro could easily undo the fusion. The end of chapter 62 makes it clear that nothing except for divine intervention could save Earth from Moro at this point. So if you were wanting to see the pair fuse this arc, well - you better find something else to ask for.

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