Dragon Ball Artist Spots a Hilarious Yamcha x Fall Guys Connection

If you have been paying attention to the gaming industry, you will have heard of Fall Guys. The game has become a truly addictive battle royale title that pits players against each other in an obstacle course. As you can imagine, the game has shot up in popularity since its debut, but one artist from Dragon Ball is leaning into Fall Guys for a unique reason.

And what could that be? Well, it all has to do with Yamcha. As it turns out, the Dragon Ball fighter is the same height as the Fall Guys avatars, and that is a lot to take in.

Over on Twitter, Dragon Garow Lee pointed out the issue to fans with a funny sketch. The artist, who helmed the side manga That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha, drew a colorful sketch of the Z-Fighter standing next to a bean man from Fall Guys. You can see they are the same height, and Lee confirms the characters measure up the same.

"I have learned that the heights of the Fall Guys characters and Yamcha are the same at 183 cm," he tweeted. A simple bit of conversion shows both of the characters are a hair over six feet tall, so they can rest easy about their statures.


This unexpected connection is a trivial one, but it does have fans thinking about a few good points. The first is that the Fall Guys avatars are much bigger than gamers might have released. And secondly, it is about time the game worked with Toei or Shueisha to license a skin for players. Yamcha is getting for an in-game skin now, and we vouch for the crossover with all seven Dragon Balls.

What do you make of this connection? Does the game need a skin for Yamcha ASAP? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.