Dragon Ball Super Reveals Merus' Final Lesson to Goku

Goku has had a good few mentors during his lifetime, and each of them have helped the hero with different things. From Master Roshi to Whis and beyond, the Saiyan would be in a very different place without his teachers. Of course, the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super added Merus to that list, and Goku has revealed the final lesson the angel passed on to him before going away.

The revelation was made in chapter 64 which debuted earlier this week. It was there fans caught up with Goku after his mentor Merus gave his life to nerf Moro. With the villain in a weakened state, Goku was put back in the running to defeat Moro, but it came at great cost. After all, Merus had to die to make it happen, but his personal sacrifice taught Goku something important.

"I learned another important lesson from Merus. That I'm not fighting alone," the Saiyan told Jaco.

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"I was saved by Vegeta. Dende too. And in the end, I made Merus gives up his life. But he didn't do it for me. He did it for our universe."

This realization was an important one for Goku as it made him reevaluate the reason he was even fighting Moro. Sure, fans know the Saiyan wants to be the strongest fighter in the multiverse, and he can only reach that status by fighting tough opponents. But after Merus shared his reasons for saving Earth, Goku felt it was more important to defeat Moro for others rather than for himself.


After all, the only reason he has made it to his current level is because of others. He has been helped time and again by others, and Merus is only the latest to give his life to do so. Goku has a more noble reason than ever to fight because of this lesson, and Dragon Ball fans are curious about how it will influence the Saiyan in future arcs.

What do you think about this final lesson? Do you think Goku will put it to use after Moro has been dealt with? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.