Dragon Ball Z Fan Nails Cell's Look with This Low Cost Cosplay

Dragon Ball has all sorts of characters to cosplay that picking your fighter can be difficult. While a good many people go with Goku or Vegeta, fans are also liable to choose a villain if given the chance. Of course, some of the villains' designs are hard to pull off in real life, but one fan is going viral for their DIY take on the strongest android to ever walk Universe 7.

The look comes from Low Cost Cosplay, a popular page that tackles various fandoms with low-cost cosplay solutions. While some of the looks are legit, others are impractical, to say the least. Now, the fan has given Cell a spin, and this DIY look blends the line between serious and silly with ease.

As you can see below, the Dragon Ball look requires two things; All you need is a whole watermelon and a smaller watermelon that has been halved. You need to scoop out the innards of the small watermelon so that it can sit like a hat. As for the larger watermelon, you can halve it down the center lengthwise, scoop out its innards, and then cut the rind into strips.

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The look shows how you can assemble the pieces of the watermelon on your face to achieve Cell's look. You will need some sort of tape or adhesive to keep the parts together. And of course, the rinds and fruits will not stick to your head by sheer force of will. However, if you are truly desperate to cosplay as Cell this Halloween, this is a cheap and fun way to do it...!

What do you make of this impressive Dragon Ball cosplay? Do you have any low-cost costumes you want to try out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.