Dragon Ball Pits Goku Against Freeza and Cooler in New Episode

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is entering a brand new arc in the 'Space-Time War', which features Goku [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is entering a brand new arc in the "Space-Time War", which features Goku being dropped into a brand new universe created by the nefarious mad scientist known as Fuu and with this new locale, we see the return of two classic Dragon Ball villains in Freeza and his brother, Cooler. Though Cooler has yet to appear in the official continuity for the series, it's clear that he has learned a thing or two from his sibling as he unleashes the ability to transform into a "Golden" state the pushes up his power astronomically.

Since Freeza was resurrected in one of the earliest arcs of Dragon Ball Super, he has been considered by many to be one of the best aspects of the series, teaming up with the Z Fighters during the Tournament of Power while also still maintaining his insanely villainous aura. Having a significant role in the latest feature-length film of the franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it's clear that the Shonen series has big plans for the alien despot in the future, especially within the pages of the manga as the "Granolah The Survivor" Arc has him in the crosshairs of a powerful new character.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has managed to venture into territory that might have otherwise gone unexplored in the main series, and while it definitely has its problems when it comes to some of the story beats and action scenes, it is definitely a series that is able to supply plenty of fan service. The latest episode not only had Goku fighting against both Freeza and Cooler but also introduced an unlikely ally to Goku in the form of Hearts, one of the biggest villains of the spin-off series who was attempting to free mortals from the grasp of the gods. Though their truce is confirmed in the episode, it is definitely shaky at best.

Freeza and Cooler aren't the only villains that are making a comeback in this arc, as Cell, Turles, Bojack, and others will also be making appearances to cause problems for the Z Fighters of the main universe and those of the Time Patrol that has been pushed into the spotlight more than a few times.

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