New Dragon Ball Poster Teases Cell's Comeback

The greatest creation of Dr. Gero, according to the mad scientist, was the biological nightmare [...]

The greatest creation of Dr. Gero, according to the mad scientist, was the biological nightmare known as Cell and it seems as if the villain is looking to a comeback in the spin-off series of Dragon Ball Heroes. With the manga currently taking fans through the story of the Granolah The Survivor Arc, it's clear that Heroes will be venturing into unexplored territory and has a new poster to prove it. With a new universe being created by the nefarious Dark Demon Dimension antagonist known as Fuu, both the Z Fighters of the main universe and the Time Patrol of the Xeno-Verse are going to have a lot of different problems to juggle at the same time, including the return of other villains like Freeza and Hearts.

So if you have been waiting for Cell to make his return, your time has come. It seems the artificial fighter is ready to launch a big comeback, and we are here to breakdown all the things we know about his return.

Unfortunately, we don't know much about Cell's role in the new Space-and-Time arc. The story has only recently been teased now that the anime is tackling the story, so Cell's first appearance went live today. The poster does not show much of Cell save for a front shot in the bottom-left corner, and he looks pretty normal.

It seems this Cell hails from the pseudo-universe created for the Space-and-Time arc. He did show up as a ghost in a Dragon Ball previous arc, but Cell is coming back as the real deal now. So far, we have no idea who he will be fighting or why, but fans are being vocal about their picks. After all, Cell and Goku need a rematch, and everyone wants to see how the baddie reacts to Goku's new transformations. Ultra Instinct is going to be a shock for the villain, but Cell might have some hidden powers up his sleeve in this strange new universe.

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