Dragon Ball Heroes Drops Poster for New Multiverse Arc

Super Dragon Ball Heroes might not be perfect, but for many fans, it has given them an anime Saiyan injection while the main series is on hiatus following the end of the Tournament of Power Arc, and a new poster for the Big Bang Mission has dropped that gives us hints as to which characters will appear in the series' future. Venturing into environments and characters that would more than likely go untouched in the main series, Heroes hasn't been shy about introducing concepts from the Dragon Ball franchise that haven't appeared for years in the Shonen series.

Though the spin-off anime is still releasing new episodes thanks to Toei Animation, there is also the arcade game for Dragon Ball Heroes that continues to add new elements to its platform to coincide with each arc of the television series. The "Big Bang Mission" is not only the current saga of the anime, but it is also being reflected in arcades in Japan, which allows players to incorporate cards of their favorite Dragon Ball characters to win battles in a world where any Akira Toriyama character can be implemented. With the Dark Demon Dimension Saga having wrapped, this year's anime is looking to take things up a notch, having brought back the original version of Broly from Dragon Ball Z.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the new poster that features Broly, Ultra Instinct Sign Goku, Freeza, and a new version of Cooler, Hearts, and a mysterious character waiting in the shadows who appears to bear a striking resemblance to the protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise:

This year will see the arrival of the "Space-Time War Arc" in Super Dragon Ball Heroes' anime, bringing back some major characters in the lore of the Shonen franchise, including the Dragon Ball Z villain Cell. Though we still aren't sure when Dragon Ball Super's anime will return, fans can still follow the adventures of Goku, Vegeta, and their fellow Z Fighters in the Shonen's manga, currently introducing the Granolah The Survivor Arc.

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