Dragon Ball Promo Shows How Dangerous Its New Masked Saiyan Is

A new Dragon Ball promo has revealed just how dangerous the series new masked Saiyan character [...]

A new Dragon Ball promo has revealed just how dangerous the series new masked Saiyan character really is! The promo is for the "Big Bang Mission 7" arc of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game and promo anime, and it shows the landscape of Earth being turned to fire and ash by a nefarious Saiyan character and a strange, Kabuki-style mask. (Mild Spoilers) Of course, Dragon Ball fans who have been following Dragon Ball Heroes know that the masked Saiyan in question is none other than Goku Black, who just cannot seem to stay dead in this Dragon Ball Heroes universe!

Goku Black showed up at the end of Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 33, as part of the larger tease about Goku waking up in a strange new universe, where he'll have to battle and/or ally with villains of his past, including Golden Freeza, Golden Cooler, Hearts. The masked Saiyan was also teased as being active in this new universe, once again bringing back that old trope from past Dragon Ball storylines.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Goku Black Mask promo
(Photo: Bandai/Namco)

The previous "Masked Saiyan" character was Bardock, was made to play the Masked Saiyan role by demon couple Towa and Mira, in the Dragon Ball Xenoversegames. Towa and Mira are of course, the parents of Fu, the current big bad of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Goku Black hasn't yet made an appearance in the no-limits fan-service run of Super Dragon Ball Heroes - but his counterpart, the Immortal Zamasu certainly has. Zamasu made a comeback in Dragon Ball Heroes' previous "Universal Conflict" arc, as one of the Core Area Warriors gang that's run by Hearts. Unfortunately for Zamasu, Hearts betrayed the rogue kai to use his godly energy as fuel for the Universe Seed weapon that would've killed Grand Zeno, if not for Goku and Vegeta's intervention.

Now Hearts is back from Hel and actually fighting alongside Goku (for now). It will be very interesting to see if this series has enough narrative continuity to have Goku Black address anything that happened with Hearts and Zamasu in the previous arcs. Dragon Blal Heroes isn't really known for its seamless storytelling, so Goku Black could just show up with little to no explanation for his return, whatsoever.

As for the mask? Goku Black is sporting the "Time Break Mask" which gives the user a big power-up but enslaves them to the Dark Demon Dimension. Besides Bardock and now Goku Black, Dark Broly and Xeno King Vegeta have also worn the mask in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series. This is nothing new.

The only questions left are: how much of this Earth will Goku Black turn into a demonic hell? And what will the villain do if/when he's freed from the Time Break Mask?

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