Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals a Stunning Goku Black Comeback

Dragon Ball has a huge number of foes lurking in its lore, and you never know when one of them will make a comeback. Whether canon or not, a surprising number of villains have shown up in the franchise over the years. From Freeza to Majin Buu, the odds are wild when it comes to revivals, and it seems like a recent villain has decided to return to the franchise.

Earlier today, the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes went live, and it was a lot. The big update brought its current arc to an end and kickstarted a new one with a never-before-seen universe. Along the way, fans were teased with some impressive animation, but things got out of hand when Goku Black showed up out of nowhere.

Yes, it is true. It seems the villain is back in commission, but he looks different than we remember. Obviously, Goku Black is still the spitting image of Goku, but he is wearing an ornate mask nowadays. The baddie appears to be the Masked Saiyan fans were warned about, so we've got some questions about his comeback.

As of yet, this is the first time Goku Black has appeared in Dragon Ball Heroes, but it is far from his first non-canon rodeo. The villain has shown up in Dragon Ball Fusions as well as Xenoverse 2. Now, it seems the villain is ready to try out a new story, and now is the perfect time to test out Dragon Ball Heroes. The arrival of a new universe opens up possibilities, so fans will want to tune in to the anime's next episode in late March.


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