Dragon Ball Star Shows Their Support for Vegeta Becoming a God of Destruction

Chris Sabat made a name for himself giving fans the voice of Vegeta in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, and during our Quarantine Watch Party last night, the voice actor approved an interesting take for the Saiyan Prince's future, encouraging a fan theory that Vegeta will one day become a God of Destruction himself on the same level as Beerus! Dragon Ball Super has taken Vegeta to new levels of power throughout story arcs such as the Tournament of Power, and with him gaining a new set of techniques during the Moro Arc, it seems that he may have the power to become a god himself!

Vegeta perhaps has never been closer to becoming a God of Destruction, with the recent Tournament of Power arc featuring him unleashing a new transformation dubbed the "Super Saiyan Blue Evolved" form that gave him a much needed victory against Toppo of Universe 11. What made this victory important in setting the groundwork for the prince of the Saiyans to become a God of Destruction himself is Toppo's status as a "God of Destruction in training", exhibiting a power level that was close to the level of Beerus and his other world destroying brethren! While the Akira Toriyama franchise has yet to confirm that this is the path that Vegeta will take, there are plenty of fan theories being shared that this is indeed the Saiyan Prince's future!

Chris Sabat, the voice of Vegeta himself, shared his thoughts agreeing with the ever present fan theory, anticipating another battle between the prince himself and Beerus that will hopefully take place down the road when it comes to Dragon Ball Super:

While Goku and Vegeta aren't currently fighting the Gods of Destruction in the main franchise, the spinoff series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has shown both Goku and Vegeta fighting against Beerus in order to save the world once again. Though both fighters now have the ability to access Super Saiyan Blue, it seems as if even this is not enough to bring down a God of Destruction!


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