Dragon Ball Super: How Much Did Akira Toriyama Put Into the Manga's New Arc?

2020 came to a close in Dragon Ball Super with the defeat of Moro finally taking place at the [...]

2020 came to a close in Dragon Ball Super with the defeat of Moro finally taking place at the hands of Goku and his friends, but the adventures of the Z Fighters will continue through the new year of 2021 as it has been revealed just how much influence Akira Toriyama has on the new arc titled "Granola The Survivor"! Though Toriyama hasn't been supplying the art for the sequel series that has focused on Goku and the other Z Fighters battling within the world of the Gods, it's clear that the legendary Shonen creator isn't leaving Dragon Ball any time soon!

The Moro Arc ended with the energy-absorbing sorcerer losing in a one-on-one fight against Goku, with the Z Fighters being able to help out by lending their power to the Saiyan who has mastered the transformation of Ultra Instinct. With the victims of Moro being wished back to life and the renegade angel Merus being resurrected by his "higher-ups", the next arc is clearly going to be relying on a number of elements and characters that were introduced in this latest storyline. Though the Granola Arc hasn't technically begun, we've already seen the new character in action as he has been targeting the artificial warrior, and henchman of Moro, named OG-73i.

Twitter User Dragon Ball Hype shared this brief snippet from current Super Artist, Toyotaro, that shows just how involved the creator of the story of Goku and the Z Fighters is with the upcoming arc that is setting up a brand new tale following the defeat of Moro and his clan:

Toyotaro noted that Toriyama supplied a draft for the upcoming story arc, which will be chock full of "gimmicks and revelations", showing that the Dragon Ball creator still has ideas as to where the series should be headed as we continue to follow Goku on his journey to fight tougher and more powerful enemies. Needless to say, the stakes will have to be raised considerably considering how tough Moro was when all was said and done!

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