Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Introduces New Granola Arc's Mysterious Fighter

Dragon Ball Super has introduced its mysterious new fighter, Granola. He just made his debut in [...]

Dragon Ball Super has introduced its mysterious new fighter, Granola. He just made his debut in Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 67 which is aptly titled "Happy Endings... And Then...". The new chapter builds a perfect bridge between the ending of the Moro Arc and this new story that directly follows it. It's the ending of the issue that really gets into the "And then..." portion of the title, as we see how new calamities are about to arise - and get a first taste of why this mysterious new warrior is part of an arc that's titled "Granola The Survivor."

Warning: Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 67 SPOILERS Follow!

So what's the big connection between Moro and this new character, Granola? The answer is Android Seven-Three.

Even though Moro was annihilated by Goku's Ultra Instinct attack, Seven-Three apparently had some kind of regenerative ability which allows him to reform, and send a signal back to his creators (or at least his original owners). That owner turns out to be "Master Goichi", a crimeboss or ruler of some sort, who has an entire line of evil androids just like Seven-Three. However, Seven-Three is the real prize Goichi wants; the Android has copied the abilities of so many powerful fighters that he's powered up more than any other unit in his line. Goichi takes that data and is downloading it into the other androids, with the goal of ruling the universe.

The big monkey wrench in Goichi's plan turns out to be Graonla, who chases down the villain's ship in his own craft and boards it. Goichi's goons try to ambush the intruder, but Granola zaps them with some stun blasts; when Goichi activates the entire line of "OG" Androids, It looks like Granola could be in trouble.

Dragon Ball Manga 67 Spoilers Who is Granola Explained
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However, Granola is tough enough to take out an entire squad of OG Androids with his finger blaster, and with support help from "Oatmeel" a yet-unseen person on Granola's comms. Granola destroys the first platoon of androids before revealing that his real target is actually Android Seven-Three!

This "Granola The Survivor" arc is quickly turning Android Seven-Three into a much more pivotal character than Dragon Ball fans would've guessed. It's now going to be equally intriguing to learn what the connection is between the evil android and Granola, and what role Granola is meant to play in the larger Dragon Ball Universe.

Check out this first Color Image of Granola, as well!