Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Grand Priest's Generous Deal

Dragon Ball has a bit of a reputation when it comes to reviving its fallen heroes. From Goku to [...]

Dragon Ball has a bit of a reputation when it comes to reviving its fallen heroes. From Goku to Vegeta and beyond, some of the series' top fighters have been brought back to life. The series continues to play this game even today, and they were reminded of that when Dragon Ball Super put out its most recent chapter. But in a strange turn of events, the Grand Priest was persuaded to revive a certain someone with something other than wish-granting relics.

The whole conversation went down recently when Dragon Ball Super put out chapter 67. It was there the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc closed, and fans were reunited with Goku after Moro's death. The celebratory moment was great, but it was made even better when Goku's angelic mentor made a return. As it turns out, Merus is alive once more, and the Grand Priest showed mercy to the angel after receiving a certain plea.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 Grand Priest
(Photo: Bandai)

"Actually, it was this one who came to me, willing to sacrifice his own life to save Merus," the Grand Priest told Beerus and Whis when they questioned Merus' return. It was the East Kaio-shin who came to the Grand Priest asking for mercy. The god went so far as to offer his own life in exchange for Merus being returned, and that did not sit well with Beerus. After all, his life is tied to Shin, and his death would follow the Kaio-shin quickly.

As it turns out, the Grand Priest can be bargained with, so Merus is alive once again even if he is just a human now. Still, fans are convinced there is more to this resurrection than meets the eye. It isn't everyday the Grand Priest does something altruistic, so it would make sense for the god to get something out of this exchange. And if that is the case, the other shoe will be dropping before fans know it.

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