Dragon Ball Super Art Gives Gohan an Ultra Instinct Glow Up

Gohan has been one of the most interesting characters when it comes to his progression of strength [...]

Gohan has been one of the most interesting characters when it comes to his progression of strength in Dragon Ball Super, training once again to discover the power of his "Ultimate Form" to prepare for the Tournament of Power, but one fan artist has decided to take things up a notch by imagining what the son of Goku would look like with an Ultra Instinct power up. While Gohan hasn't had much of a role to play in the current Granolah The Survivor Arc, fans are waiting to see his battles during the Moro Arc to be animated.

At the start of Dragon Ball Super, Gohan had definitely decided to dive into the role of a family man, foregoing training in order to help Videl out by raising their daughter, Pan. Following Freeza's resurrection, Goku's son realized that to truly protect his family, he would need to increase his power level. Training beside Piccolo, Gohan was able to hit the same level of power he once had taking on Majin Buu, and became instrumental at helping Universe 7 claim victory during the Tournament of Power. With Dragon Ball Super set to release a new movie next year, many fans are crossing their fingers that Gohan will make an appearance as he was absent during the battle against the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

Reddit Artist 7 Sold The World shared this unique take on what Gohan might look like if he were to follow in his father's footsteps and learn how to access the transformation of Ultra Instinct, taking him to a brand new level that he hasn't accessed to this point:

Currently, in the Granolah The Survivor Arc, Goku has managed to master Ultra Instinct, but the new transformation hasn't managed to help the Saiyan defeat the last member of the Cerealian race. Interestingly enough, Gohan has stated that he has foregone going Super Saiyan, attempting to discover new levels of power by relying on his human side. While we haven't had the opportunity to see if Gohan will be able to achieve new transformations by relying on his human heritage, we're sure that the son of Goku has many adventures ahead of him.

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