Dragon Ball Updates Gohan with Shintani Character Design

Dragon Ball Super has been busy as of late as the manga is keeping things moving for Goku. The [...]

Dragon Ball Super has been busy as of late as the manga is keeping things moving for Goku. The Saiyan is dealing with a fair bit right now as Vegeta is with him fighting someone claiming to be the most powerful fighter in Universe 7. This comes not long after Goku had to team up with Gohan to take on a baddie known as Moro, and it seems the younger Saiyan is getting his due. Not long ago, a special anime promo went live for Dragon Ball Super, and it was there Naohiro Shintani debuted his character design for Gohan.

Gohan had quite the journey throughout the sequel series to Dragon Ball Z, first deciding to be a family man that focused far more on his studies than fisticuffs, but the battle against Freeza proved that the son of Goku had to get back into fighting shape for the Tournament of Power. Re-awakening the "Mystic Form" that he took against the villain Majin Buu during the final arc of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan was able to surpass his father once again by taking a new path that had him focusing more on his human heritage rather than the power he inherited from the Saiyan Race.

The Annecy International Film Festival shared a brand new anime promo that not only gives us an idea of what Gohan might look like in the next Dragon Ball Super movie, but also the likes of many other Z Fighters that didn't make an appearance during the battle against the Legendary Super Saiyan known as Broly:

The battle against Broly mostly focused on Goku and Vegeta being pitted against the Legendary Super Saiyan by the alien despot Freeza, who had been resurrected once again thanks to the deal that was struck during the Tournament of Power. While Piccolo was able to appear in order to help the two main Saiyan fighters practice the Fusion Dance and introduce Gogeta to the main continuity of Dragon Ball, many of the Z Fighters sat on the sidelines and missed out on their opportunity to be a part of the new art style. With this new promo, this is definitely our first official look at how Shintani animates the rest of Earth's heroes.

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