Dragon Ball Super Introduces Bardock's Secret Saiyan Power

Dragon Ball Super had the fandom riled up a while back when Bardock walked into its latest arc, and the Saiyan still hasn't let up on the story. Thanks to several important flashbacks, audiences have learned a lot about the fighter, and Goku has finally been told about his old man. In fact, Goku is trying to figure out how Bardock defeated a certain enemy back in the day, and the manga cleared that all up this week with the reveal of his secret Saiyan power.

The whole thing came to light when Dragon Ball Super finally let Bardock face Gas in a head-on fight. Despite pleas from Monaito to run, Goku's dad said he would not be leaving the planet until Gas was defeated. However, the thug was way stronger than he expected, and it looked like Bardock was going to lose for a hot minute.


However, that all changed when Bardock tapped into a power fans have never seen before. The form isn't given any sort of name, but it is not Super Saiyan to be clear. It seems the power gives Bardock an energy aura similar to that of Super Saiyan, but his hairstyle stays the same and keeps its black hue. The only thing different is the amount of power Bardock wields, and it is enough to defeat Gas with.

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As for how Bardock sees this power, the Saiyan simply says his people are able to overcome their limits when pushed. His desire for victory pushed Bardock to show off a new power, and it is an almost precursor to Super Saiyan. If the man hadn't been culled by Frieza so young, Bardock would probably have been able to unlock the form Goku made famous, but this new update proves the fighter was still strong in his own right. 

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