'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Caulifla’s Robin Hood Origins

When it comes to anime, fans know a lot its best stories have to leave meat on their bones. Unless [...]

When it comes to anime, fans know a lot its best stories have to leave meat on their bones. Unless you have the episode count of One Piece, it is hard to fit every little detail into a show. Luckily for those series, manga can help flesh out characters which the anime may need to streamline.

So, fans should know Dragon Ball Super did just that for the most fiery Saiyan of Universe 6.

Not long ago, the series' manga released its 32nd chapter. The installment saw Cabba recruit his universe's team for the Tournament of Power, and his run in with Caulifla went a whole lot different than it did in the anime.

Fans will recall Cabba and Caulifla's shaky introduction in the anime. The boy visited Caulifla's seedy gang hangout and nearly got shot when he faced a very bratty version of the heroine. However, the manga reveals the girl isn't the gangster the anime made her out to be.

Sure, the chapter starts out with Caulifla stealing from the Saiyan army, but it is not for the reason you would assume. The girl unloads some riches heading to King Sadala with Kale and others helping her. Caulifla seems rather excited the parcel had plenty of food in it, and fans learn why soon enough.

In the next spreads, the manga shows Caulifla's gang is far from seedy. In fact, they are comparable to the merry men who helped Robin Hood. Caulifla and her crew steal from the rich like King Sadala and give it all back to the poor. The manga shows Caulifla's crew sharing the goods they stole to some scrappy boys who are excited to see so much food.

"Wow! You got a lot of food today," one says. "I'll take some for my brothers."

Caulifla may be a spitfire with her gang, but she is not some mindless criminal. She breaks the law to help those who cannot help herself, and her brazen crimes are almost impossible to stop thanks to her overwhelming power. So, it is no surprise Cabba would want the secretly soft girl on his team.

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