Dragon Ball Super Artist Apologizes for Chapter 60 Error

This week marks the debut of a brand-new Dragon Ball Super chapter, and it has a lot going on. Both Goku and Vegeta are really busy in this release as they find ways to defeat Moro in their own time. But with so much to cover, it seems the artist behind Dragon Ball Super made an error in chapter 60. Toyotaro is now apologizing to fans for the blip, but some readers are having trouble finding the error.

If you head over to Viz Media's website, you can check out chapter 60 for free with its digital vault. The update must have kept Toyotaro busy behind the scenes as he was drawing it out. It had a lot of characters and fight scenes to plot out, so fans aren't surprise to learn there is an error in the Dragon Ball Super chapter.

"I made a certain mistake on page 107. I'll fit it in the volume, so please forgive me," Toyotaro shared with fans on Twitter.

If you look at page 107 of V-Jump, you will find a rather easy scene before you. Dozens of fans have scoured the page for errors following Toyotaro's remark, and some have had luck.

Currently, there are two leading theories about what is wrong on the page. The first has to do with Vegeta and his Yardratan armor. The Saiyan was asked to wear different clothes from his own as he began to train in Spirit Control. The new armor has an arm guard on the left shoulder, but that plate is missing in one of the panels.


The second error seems to involve Pybara. The Yardrat leader has small tentacles on his face, but there are two panels in chapter 60 which forgot them. These small oversights might not be noticed at first glance, but there is no doubt Toyotaro would notice them. So fans will be sure of his corrections whenever this chapter is collected into a manga volume down the road.

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