Dragon Ball Super Just Proved Goku Still Misunderstands Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super has pushed Goku to new limits with his use of Ultra Instinct, but that does not mean the Saiyan understands what to do with it. Now, there is no denying the hero is smart, but Goku has never come in contact with power like Ultra Instinct before. Dragon Ball Super has proven that with its most recent chapter, and it has fans (plus Merus) very confused with Goku.

For those who are caught up with Dragon Ball Super, you will know the series just put out a new chapter. The update was posted in V-Jump today, and chapter 60 had a bunch to cover. It began with Ultra Instinct Sign Goku blasting his full power against Moro while the baddie did the same, but Merus was aghast by the move.

"No, Goku! You can't! How long can he keep up that form while fighting at full power," Meerus asks Whis.

dragon ball super goku

While Whis seems resigned to the choice, Merus is a reflection of fans who were just as concerned. Sure, the power blast looks flashy, but it goes against the tenants of Ultra Instinct. In this rematch, Goku appears to be using the form more like a Super Saiyan level, and that is counterintuitive to all the training Merus did with Goku.

"This won't work," Merus says as Goku begins to lose ground against Moro. "By relying on sheer power alone like this, he can't make the most of Ultra Instinct's strength."


While Whis wonders if Goku is doing this on purpose, the Saiyan does say he did not expect his rematch with Moro to go like this. It is clear the fighter hoped he would be able to battle on, but that is not how Ultra Instinct works. This continued misunderstanding dug Goku into a deep hole, and it is going to take outsiders to help him out of it. That is surely going to pick at the hero's pride, but it is better to accept aid than let the Earth be devoured. Even Vegeta with his immense Saiyan pride would have to admit that much.

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