Dragon Ball Finally Let Vegeta Learn Instant Transmission

Dragon Ball fans were introduced to Goku's transportation technique a long time ago, but the [...]

Dragon Ball fans were introduced to Goku's transportation technique a long time ago, but the franchise hasn't abandoned the lessons which the hero took to learn Instant Transmission. Vegeta has been on Yardrat for awhile now training, and when things got hairy back on Earth, Dragon Ball Super made a big decision. After years of waiting, Vegeta has learned how to use Instant Transmission, and fans could not be happier for the hero.

Today, the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super went live, and it had a lot to cover. While Goku was on Earth fighting Moro, Vegeta was still on Yardrat working on a new move when he learned his friend fell to the baddie. As you might have guessed, Vegeta was determined to get back home to protect the Earth from Moro's destruction, but that meant he needed to learn Instant Transmission.

Since the Yardrat race is not allowed to leave the planet using Instant Transmission, it fell to Vegeta to learn the move. At first, the hero had some trouble with the technique which ended in some hilarious hijinks. But as you can imagine, a fighter like Vegeta was quick to pick up the form.

dragon ball super instant transmission vegeta

After a few flops, Vegeta assumes the stance for Instant Transmission and uses it to travel back to Earth after locking on to Goku's returned energy signature. The Yardrats who trained Vegeta were stunned by his progress as he managed to learn Instant Transmission in under a day. And when Goku got a good look at the new move, it would be an understatement to say he was shocked by Vegeta and his Instant Transmission debut.

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