New Dragon Ball Super And Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapters Now Available

The day has arrived for the latest manga chapters of both Dragon Ball Super and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations to drop! With chapter 60 of the former and chapter 46 of the latter, the battles between Moro and the Kara Organization are heating up in two very different ways. With Goku unleashing his new power to master the first step of Ultra Instinct and Kashin Koji apparently taking his first steps at becoming a turncoat within Kara, it will be interesting to see where each manga goes as they move forward and just how these story beats are eventually adapted into anime!

Viz Media is offering both of these series' latest three chapters completely for free, and you can find Dragon Ball Super's manga at the link here and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' manga at the link here. If you wanted to read through the back catalog for each series, there's a subscription available for $1.99 a month too for these two series and the rest of Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump offerings.

In Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super, we bare witness to the full force of the battle between Goku wielding Ultra Instinct Sign against Moro, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be enough to take down the energy absorbing sorcerer. With Whis and Merus looking on, unable to interfere, we are given an interesting new look into Vegeta and his unique training that he has been undertaking on the Planet Yardrat. Seemingly having learned entirely new moves, Vegeta is able to use a patented technique of Goku's for the first time in his career, surely drumming up fan excitement with what might be the prince of the Saiyan's biggest victory to date!

In Chapter 46 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we bare witness to the knock down, drag out battle between the injured Jigen and Kashin Koji. With the latter member of Kara looking to betray Kara alongside the scientist Amado, the head of Kara's research and development who has currently been granted sanctuary within the Hidden Leaf Village, much more is detailed about who Jigen is, what the energy known as Karma is used for, and further secrets about the Kara Organization.

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