This Dragon Ball Super Diorama Perfectly Recreates the Tournament of Power

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power didn't just involve a number of universes clashing in order to survive, but it also saw friends and enemies teaming up for partnerships that we never thought possible as one fan was able to create a stunning diorama that recreates Goku and Freeza joining forces in order to battle Universe 11's strongest competitor in Jiren! Though neither of these three competitors ended up ultimately winning said tournament, Universe 7 was still able to to claim victory by having Android 17 survive Jiren's onslaught and manage to be the last man standing on the platform!

The Tournament of Power came about when Goku had inadvertently asked Zeno to pit a number of different universes against one another. With the tournament in place, Universe 7, the main universe of the Dragon Ball series, assembled a team that was made up of the main Z Fighters, the Androids, and the hardcore alien despot in Freeza. Through this new Dragon Ball Super story arc, we were able to get introduced to a large number of new characters that have become fan favorites since they made landfall, which is especially impressive considering that the entirety of the tournament only took place in forty five minutes.

The sculpture itself, shown in the video above by the sculptor named Dr. Garuda, took a serious amount of effort and skill, perfectly capturing the battle that would act as the final major fight of Dragon Ball Super's anime, as the series has been on hiatus for years since its completion!

Dragon Ball itself has had a long history of different tournaments, with the majority of them taking place on Earth and mostly happening in the original series that first introduced us to the world of Goku. With the Moro Arc having come to an end in the pages of the manga, fans are crossing their fingers that the upcoming big event for Shonen properties, Jump Festa, will reveal when the anime is supposed to return and what the next story arc of the manga might be. We definitely wouldn't be surprised to see the next story arc of the Dragon Ball series be a tournament considering the franchise's past!


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Via iO9