Dragon Ball Super: Gohan Stands Tall in Hong Kong With Huge Statue

Dragon Ball Super's new movie is still taking over theaters around the world, and Gohan is making it big in Hong Kong with a massive statue for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's main hero! One of the most exciting factors leading into the premiere of the newest movie in the franchise was the fact that Gohan and Piccolo took the center stage of the fight this time around while Goku and Vegeta were off planet training with Broly. This was their first major starring role for the franchise in quite some time, and it's all been celebrated in a big way!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero might have ended its run in North America earlier this Summer, but the movie is still continuing to rake it in at the box office in many other international territories. As the movie gets ready to make its way through theaters in China, Toei Animation is promoting the movie with a huge new statue highlighting Gohan's cool new look in the movie. It's definitely a good way to get fans to check out Gohan and the others in action, and you can check it out below as spotted on Reddit by user InCreatioN:

Gohan Statue !! from dbz

Releasing around theaters throughout the world earlier this Summer to become not only one of the most successful films in the franchise, but one of the most successful anime film releases ever, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero had plenty of big moments for both Gohan and Piccolo as they took on a pair of powerful Androids. This all led to the return of a majorly popular foe from the classic era of the series, and it's more of why fans can't wait to see how the anime continues from this point on.  

"The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals, who carry on its spirit, have created the ultimate Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two Androids call themselves "Super Heroes". They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan…What is the New Red Ribbon Army's objective? In the face of approaching danger, it is time to awaken, Super Hero!" If you're curious about how it shook out, you can check out ComicBook.com's review of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero here

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