Dragon Ball Super Releases New Orange Piccolo Artwork

Dragon Ball Super may be over a month out from its latest release, but that isn't stopping the anime from drumming up attention still today. Earlier this year, fans were let in on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero after a short delay, and the movie's release stateside managed to top the domestic box office. Of course, the film sparked conversation upon its debut thanks to its new forms. And now, it seems Orange Piccolo is stepping forward with new promo art.

As you can see below, Orange Piccolo has been given the spotlight once again, and we can see the Namekian in a new light. The piece shows Piccolo powering up while covered in yellow-orange energy. Of course, the color matches the Namekian's skin now as Orange Piccolo literally changes his usual green hue. The character is also pictured here with bulging muscles as expected, and of course, his purple gi is transformed in the back to showcase an ancient Namekian symbol.

This latest Orange Piccolo proves the transformation looks as good from the back as it does from the front. And now, Dragon Ball Heroes fans overseas can summon the character while at their local arcade. A special Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero collaboration has brought this form to the popular game, and of course, fans can also summon Beast Gohan if they have the required card to do so.

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Even months after their debut, Dragon Ball Super's new power boosts are hugely popular, and fans are already questioning whether we will see them again. It is no secret the forms are canon, but the movie's place in the timeline is still uncertain. But when the Dragon Ball Super manga comes back from its current hiatus, fans are hoping Piccolo and Gohan will be able to whip out these forms at one point or another.

Do you think Orange Piccolo's debut was a smart move? Does this transformation suit Piccolo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.