Viral Dragon Ball Debate Gets the Perfect Response from Goku Himself

There are few fandoms as dedicated as the one Dragon Ball has built, and netizens will go to bat for the anime anytime anywhere. Of course, the same goes for the creators of the series, and Dragon Ball's impressive cast has stood up for the series on more than one occasion. And in light of a viral debate, well – it seems Goku himself has come to settle the score with his own response.

The whole thing began on Twitter this week when the Dragon Ball fandom found itself pit against another community. A now-viral tweet made the claim that One Piece's Luffy had usurped Goku and his Kamehameha to become anime's most iconic attack. As you can imagine, the tweet sparked a debate that spread across social media, and now Goku's voice actor from Mexico is clapping back.

As you can see above, Mario Castañeda had something to say about the claim, and it seems they don't believe a bit of the argument. They could only spam laughing emojis on Twitter after the debate came across their feed, and while Luffy is certainly strong, his fame doesn't have quite the same reach as Goku. So even if his Red Roc is strong, well – nothing can beat a Kamehameha Wave at its own game.

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Of course, Castañeda is a bit biased. The voice actor has overseen Son Goku in the Latin American Spanish dub of Dragon Ball for years. His voice can also be found in hits like Slam Dunk, Naruto Shippuden, and Saint Seiya overseas. And if One Piece ever comes knocking for new cast members, we can only hope Castañeda gives the shonen series a shot despite all this online beef.

What do you think of this wild anime debate? Do you side with Castañeda here or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.