DC Comics Legend Jorge Jiminez Shares Awesome Goku Tribute

The character that have sprung from the mind of Dragon Ball's creator, Akira Toriyama, are regarded as some of the most recognizable not just within the realm of Shonen series, but the medium of anime as a whole. Thanks to Dragon Ball's popularity, there have been plenty of examples of North American comic book artists that have tried their hands at depicting a number of the Z-Fighters, with a major DC artist walking viewers through their process of drawing Son Goku

While Goku is currently fighting alongside Vegeta and the intergalactic bounty hunter known as Granolah against Gas, the strongest member of the criminal organization known as the Heeters, in the pages of the manga, the protagonist of Dragon Ball will be taking a back seat when it comes to the upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Training off-world with both the Prince of all Saiyans and the legendary Super Saiyan Broly, Gohan and Piccolo will be taking up the slack when it comes to fighting against the return of the Red Ribbon Army and the androids that they plan on using to get revenge against the Z-Fighters.

Jorge Jiminez took to his Official Twitter Account to share a new sketch of Goku, walking viewers through his process of sketching out the Saiyan hero that is set to continue fighting against stronger and stronger opponents as Dragon Ball Super continues in both the manga and the anime:

While DC and Dragon Ball might have never crossed over, the argument remains amongst the fan communities of both when it comes to who would win in a fight between Goku and Superman, with countless discussions, animations, and fan comics being created in an attempt to find that answer. 

DC Comics has been moving into the world of manga, however, with characters such as Batman, Superman, The Joker, and the Justice League all recently venturing into the medium with stories of their own. While DC hasn't announced that they will be crossing over, we did witness Marvel's Deadpool teaming up with All Might in an official story, Deadpool: Samurai, so we're definitely in "anything can happen" territory at this point in time.

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