Dragon Ball Super Reveals A New Ultra Instinct Power

Dragon Ball Super fans were introduced to Ultra Instinct some time ago, but new details continue to crop up about the form. After Goku first used the power against Jiren, the Saiyan has inched towards mastery. He finally tapped into Perfect Ultra Instinct thanks to Merus, and it seems this final stage has given Goku power fans have never seen before.

Well, that is until now. Goku has shown off the new power in the latest update from Dragon Ball Super. The manga welcomed a new power of Ultra Instinct that allows Goku to take hits which he never would have withstood before.


As it turns out, this new power is called Autonomous Body Defense. The wordy technique allows Goku to harden his body without thinking about it while using Ultra Instinct. This comes into play as the godly form pushes Goku's body to all-new limits, and his body needs to be adequately prepared to fight on such a level.

"When Ultra Instinct is honed to this extend, the body will automatically grow sturdier as necessary," Whis explains after Moro discovers the move the hard way.

After all, Goku does catch the villain by surprise. Moro thought he had the hero cornered once he nabbed a senzu bean off Goku. The deal was silly to start, and Moro was all but certainly going to double-cross Goku after eating the item. But when he tried to skewer Goku as he did before, Moro was unable to. The Saiyan's body had hardened all over thanks to Ultra Instinct, and Moro's sneak attack left him with a broken hand.


As you can imagine, this defensive state is a good tool to have on hand. Goku won't need to whip out Ultra Instinct against any old foe, and any villain that requires it power will pack a punch. Goku needs this kind of body armor when fighting baddies of that caliber, so this new move makes sense. Now, the only question fans have is about how effective the Ultra Instinct shield is after repeated hits.

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